FALL 2023
Eric Brown

It has been a very full first year since being elected as your president of NNOAC. I am very proud to say that we have been involved in numerous discussions on the current position of drug enforcement in the United States.
We have written countless letters on behalf of NNOAC and our partner associations to Congressional leadership and their committees on proposed legislation. It is probably an understatement to say that, at times, it is overwhelming and, to some extent, baffling. Many times we have thanked Brooks, Bawden & Moore for their representation of our Coalition, but now I have a greater appreciation of what they do day in and day out. If not for their strategy and approach, we would not have near the standing on Capitol Hill that we currently hold. We continue to monitor all aspects of criminal justice reform, in hopes that we can prevent ill-advised legislation for law enforcement and our country.

It is also thanks to all of you for the strong partnerships that have been built across this nation, not only within your own organizations, but also with your Congressional leadership. Many times I have reached out to individual state associations and have received immediate response to issues and requests.
So, thank you again..

The NNOAC Executive Board continues to track all of the state association conferences across the United States, and the reports from the regional directors
are always emphasizing how outstanding and productive these meetings continue to be. We (NNOAC) receive numerous invitations to attend these conferences, and we always appreciate the offers to be present and speak.

Many times it is hard for me to schedule so many conferences for myself, but we will always try to send someone to represent the National Narcotics Officers Association Coalition.

I am very pleased to announce the complete overhaul of NNOAC's website. This has been a topic of discussion for quite some time now, but, as many of you know, it can be cost prohibitive and labor intensive. When anyone first hears of NNOAC or your association, the first place they go to is a website. The first impression of our Coalition is critical and can be the key to our success, and we have hit the mark with what has been created and is being maintained. Please take the time to visit the website at and give us your feedback. This site is only as good as all of you want it to be, so please weight in!

Planning has already begun for our 2024 NNOAC Delegates Meeting and Conference. We will be in Washington, D.C., at the Hilton Washington D.C. Capitol Hill on February 5th thru 7th. We ask that all of you make every attempt to attend.

It goes without saying how important these meetings and conference are to our mission as an organization and to drug enforcement across the country. Everyone is aware of the critical time we are in as law enforcement in the United States. This is the opportunity to take our important message to Capitol Hill and educate the leaders of the nation on what is "really" happening in the communities that we serve.

Stay the course!

Eric Brown, President NNOAC
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